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Confidence in Your Healthcare

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Do you have full confidence in your care team?

What does that mean?

Why does this matter?

Read on to find out more information that should matter to achieving your best healthcare team.

In a traditional sense, a team is comprised of more than one person with a common goal. Typically a team works together, each filling a vital role, providing their expertise, and is each adding value. In many circumstance, a team works toward one central goal.

Your healthcare team may include a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, a medical assistant, a specialist, a billing specialist, a medication refill staff member, a nutritionist, a patient care representative, a care coordinator, and YOU!

We don’t need a foggy view when it’s comes to our healthcare. Nothing worse that not having the information, knowledge, cost, or understand the next steps. Perhaps medical lingo creates a fog for you. Do your elderly parents get overwhelmed with what is discussed an an appointment and then forget to tell you what the updates are?

Your healthcare team should evoke feelings of commitment, empathy, understanding, and patient centered approaches. Your time is valuable. Your healthcare needs are important. Your questions should be welcomed. If your needs are not matching up to your care team, I recommend you work a navigator or healthcare advocate to get help.

You and your family should be the center of the care model and discussions. This means your time with a provider is focused, honed in on needs, proactively discussing care plan options, and always assured to get your questions answered or a specific agreement on follow up. Copays, Billing, $ Spent on Healthcare

The qualities for the billing aspect of your care are equally important as is the care itself. Do you understand what you are paying for? Do you review your health insurance Explanation or Benefits and provider billing statements before paying the bills? Do you find billing to be confusing and overwhelming? Do you ask questions before procedures or tests? Do you know what your maximum out-of-pocket is according to your health insurance plan?

Did you know the federal government recently implemented the No Surprise Billing Act? Providers have access to an implementation guide. This guide assists providers with tips and information and can be viewed on the American Mesical Association’’s website: Healthcare is complicated and ever-changing. It can be overwhelming and intimidating for some. I’m glad to help you and your family with my services.

What Steps Are You Taking To Ensure Full Confidence in Your Care Team?

Contact me to discuss how I can help you become more in charge of your care, become organized, assess your current or future care team needs, and put you into 1st place!

Heather Barto, Owner


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